We create change together. As social movements, we are joining forces and demand democracy for everyone, a fair society, an end to discrimination, a livable Earth, and international solidarity. Leading up to the parliamentary elections and especially beyond, we make a powerful fist. The cabinet has fallen, the*movement is rising.


People should have more power than corporations. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Large companies prevent much-needed change, from workers’ rights to fair climate policies. Politics is more than voting every four years. The government should belong to all of us. Therefore, we want democratization of society as a whole: from education to politics, from neighborhoods to the workplace. It shouldn’t be directors and politicians dictating the terms; people should decide together. With consideration for everyone in society, particularly those in vulnerable positions.


Economic inequality is growing. More and more people rely on food banks or struggle financially to make ends meet. In the Netherlands, there are now one million people living in poverty. Meanwhile, the super-rich keep getting richer. This is a direct consequence of capitalism, an economic system that revolves around endless growth and ever-increasing profits, which primarily benefit those who already have a lot of money. The inequality between rich and poor countries is also increasing. This needs to change. To begin with, wealth must be distributed more fairly. End poverty and extreme wealth.


Everyone should be able to grow up and live freely and safely, regardless of their color, socio-economic class, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, body, or disability. Unfortunately, discrimination is deeply rooted in the Netherlands, and we still live with the consequences of (neo)colonialism. There is immense educational and labor market inequality, refugees and undocumented individuals are systematically excluded, the childcare benefits scandal is just one form of institutional racism, and LGBTQI+ individuals are increasingly facing threats and violence. Extreme right-wing ideologies are a driving force behind the normalization of hate. That’s why we are building a broad anti-racist and anti-fascist movement. All forms of discrimination and racism must end.


People and other animals are already dying due to climate change and the disappearance of nature. The responsibility lies mainly with wealthy countries in the global North, while the victims are predominantly in the global South. People are not above nature; we are a part of it. We must find new ways to live within the limits of the planet. Time is running out. The alarm is sounding for nature and the climate. We only have a few years left to prevent the worst consequences of this crisis. What we do now will determine if we protect this livable planet.


The Netherlands has gained wealth from colonialism and still profits from global destruction and exploitation. As a country that has enriched itself by occupying, robbing, and exploiting other nations in the past, the Netherlands has a responsibility to support democratic movements that strive for peace and self-determination worldwide. The Netherlands shows solidarity and stops causing harm to others. Our prosperity should not come at the expense of people in the rest of the world.